The activities of the "African Centre of Excellence (ACE)" fall within the National School of Statistics and Applied Economics’ (ENSEA) strategic plan, which is structured around four action plans:

  • The first action plan aims to achieve excellence in teaching/learning. To achieve this objective, five activities will be implemented: (i) strengthening existing training programs and creating new ones in response to the needs of the National Statistical Systems (NSS), (ii) building the capacities of ENSEA's teaching faculty, (iii) strengthening the use of ICT in the centre of excellence, (iv) facilitating the integration of graduates, and (v) revitalizing continuing education.
  • The second action plan should enable the achievement of excellence in the field of research. The objective of this action plan is to create the conditions to establish a gold standard research centre in statistics and applied economics in order to meet the methodological challenges NSS&rs

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